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I should really update this blog >,<
Will be back soon! PROMISE!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Japanese Drama Engine

Today Im going to do summary for a Japanese Drama, "Engine".
Nah, I'm just kidding, why should I do a drama summary when you have Wikipedia??

Alright, since you guys already read the summary, Im just gonna start with this funny boy. In drama they called him "Mo-chan". In my opinion, he cant really act, but he dont really need a talent to act. His face alone is a talent, looking at his face is like watching 1 whole season of "Whose Line is it anyway"
I love it when he do that -_- face

"First episode -_-"


"Even Takura is doing it LOL"

You got to watch this drama to get the feel...

Potong stim >_<

By the way why is it so freaking hot now days?? Walaueh, beh tahan @_@
Yeah, today Im gonna review my home town's Cinema
Cinema dari Kulai.
Nope, its not Cathay, not TGV, GSC or anything else. It is

"Star Cineplex"
Nope, no link for this one, you cant find this cinema on internet, and no you cant book ticket online.
Sometimes you cant even find cashier there!


But tell you guys what. Their service is the best of the best, better than any cinema in Malaysia.
First time I went there, (Kungfu Panda). The freaking hall is full with aunty aunty bringing their children to watch Kungfu Panda. First the sound system gone haywire, its like listening to Backstreet Boys Millenium album with a broken CD player.... In max volume. Then the show stop halfway O_O me and my friend were like "wtf"? Then got one aunty shout damn loud in chinese "Eh?? zuo wan liao ah?" (Eh?? the show finish already?")
Me and my friend double wtf.
So we went out the counter, ask for refund... Good service, straight away give back our money.

2nd time, same friend went to watch Bangkok Dangerous. We ask for the ticket, the cashier ask which seat we want? Then I saw the seats, there were only 4 seats with human icon... I was like "wah, sudah penuh kah?" (Wah, all full already?"
Then the cashier, "bukan bukan, yang tak ada icon semua boleh duduk" (no no, its the one without human icon")
So in the end, damn spacious, only 6 of us watch Bangkok Dangerous.

This time I went alone to watch Shinjuku Incident. I went there early, the uncle give me his seat, wah uncle so good.. see such service.... U go GSC, got seat for u to sit? nope

Then this one is the best, my friend came down from Ipoh, we wanted to watch Star Trek.
4pm show, and we reach there at 4pm!
LOL, we ask the cashier if we still can watch it. She use the walkie talkie to ask the fella inside... "Boleh boleh, tak ada orang nonton" ( can, no people are watching )
Then I ask the cashier "Boleh tunggu sekajap? saya nak pergi tandas" ( can wait for a while? I need to use the restroom )
"Boleh boleh"
Their service really great, they even wait for us to finish our toilet business. Waited until we reached the hall!!! and start the ads, transformers trailer wei...
My friend from Ipoh also speechless with the service.

Only two of us inside cinema, you dont believe me?
I dont even need to turn my phone to silent mode.
I can even take photo!
Such service... mana cari?

Signing Off

Quote from Ipoh friend
"nobody fucks wit star cineplex

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Ice Cream holder

The sun is burning at 5 778 K, kanasai, so hot that your pee vaporize before they reach toilet bowl.

For this month's electric bill sake, I try not to use the air con too much. Hot macam babi panggang, I walk around the house like a mad guy. Then, suddenly, I can feel the aura.... Cooling aura from sis's room.. It's the air con aura! damn, I already told her not to on the air con too much.
So I asked her to open the door, she ask me why. I said, I need to get my hair gel inside (she got one big mirror inside and I always use the mirror for make up purposes), but this time of course I lied :)
She open the door, I rush in and throw myself on top of her bed.... ahhhhh, air con.... damn nice :)
My sis fingernails grow like cybertooth in X-men series, she tried to scractch me, but I dodge like James Bond dodging bullets (yah, now only u know its impossible to dodge a bullet). Then I told her, let me sleep for a while, let me chill a bit.
I dont understand girls, especially my sis, she wont let me sleep on her bed for some Idk what reason. She tried to wrestle me, I give her a smack down and lying shadow kick, after struggling to push me out of the bed, she give up (yah try pushing a 80kg block).
I thought she just gonna walk out that door and let me chill in the air con-ned room. But she did something that leave me so speechless and LOL damn hard.
She off the air con (but the cool air is still there of course), she on her hair dryer and blow the hot air to me ............

"This pic also make me damn speechless, which smart ass guy did this"

Signing Off

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When you are damn bored

Long long time ago, in a galaxy quite near to Selangor. Few people got bored after yum cha session, so they decided to play around with money....
Not that they are rich and can throw money around, but they decided to pretend to be someone printed on the notes...
First Mr. Mao Tze Dong trying to be Indonesian. Rupiah 50,000

"Got to love his face"

Mr. Yang love his country more than any other country, so he took out Rm10

"Sultan Yang"

Then Mr. Haris wanted to become a millionaire Sultan from Brunei
"Photographer and Cash holder cant stop laughing" (not pro)

"Damn it best face expression, blur photo"

"Perfect take!"

Camera Man : Kenny
Cash Holder : Jenna , Haris
Model : Mao Tze Dong, Mr.Yang
Inspired by a random email

Signing off

Friday, March 27, 2009

First FAQ... and sushi buffet

Hello, good morning, afternoon, evening whenever or wherever you are.:D
First of all, let me show you my GF picture

"Leng or not?"

Ok... Good job guys, you know im kidding, and its not funny... She is apparentaly finalist for Malaysian Dream Girl, giving away free black kitty balloon. Manage to take her photo (and photo with her)... and no, I did not get her hp number or email if you want to ask, but i manage to grab the black kitty.

Ok, next Im gonna start this new label here. FAQ
Frequently Answered Question, means a lot of people ask me a question until I got bored of answering. So Im just gonna write down the question here, and answer it. So, before you got a question, read my blog first, and then, read my blog again, and u can ask my mum about it.

Today FAQ is "Haris, are you gay?"
The answer is YES, I am gay, I got a boyfriend now who is staying with me? We do buttsex together at home... YAY
Ok, of course that answer is a joke, dont take it to heart, especially that buttsex part.
Answer is NO
No, I am not a gay. Why are you even ask me this question in the first place?

"Why are you so friendly with that guy?"
Well, I love my friend, my friend love me, in with all respect not in gay manner. Of course, some of my friend and I even do couple jokes on each other like "hello dear, how are you"(which almost got one of my friend intro trouble, he spend one whole night trying to explain to his gf who am I LOL). Thats normal right? I did not touch his kuku and say hei "cute kuku u got there boy".

"Eh, Why you dont have GF until now? Are you turning gay?"
Second, yes I got ex-gfs, one of them is so hot, that can melt hard chocolate in few seconds, and im not breaking up because I'm turning gay. (not gonna explain more here >,<) "Why you never watch porn ?? weirdo la u" You tell me which guy dont watch porn, bring him to me, if he really dont watch porn, I straight away cut my kuku in front of u (kuku jari I mean). Holy cow, I watch "straight porn" no gay (lesbian , yes), no granny porn, STRAIGHTO. JAV FTW!!!

OK, stop with this gay topic, lets move on to a "gay" (cheery: bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer; "a cheery hello"; "a gay sunny room"; "a sunny smile" ) topic now.
Few days ago, my friend sent me an email, about this "Japanese buffet restaurant at Taman Sutera JB" Stupid place, so hard to find.
But its okay, because I got.....
Eat all you can >,<

"Eat all you can Salmon sashimi (they got maguro, saba, and more)"
When we sat, we damn blur, first time visit this place. The waitress also damn blur, I look at her, she look at me. (You looking at me, looking at you - Ozzy Osbourne). Lucky she quite leng lui but deng, like hell I know how to order. I asked her, and she gave us menu (at last) and I start to go gung ho with the ordering.

"Unagi Sushi, eat eat eat"
"Chuka hotate inari, the best"
"And more Sishi, i mean sushi ^_^"
"Some more can see leng lui"
"Eat all you can gyoza"
"Agemono (pork, chicken, SOFT SHELL CRAB, prawn etc)"
"Yakimono with teriyaki sauce"
"Some cucuk thing, not that nice"
"Chawanmushi (they got original, shark fin and mushroom version)"
"All shorts of temaki :D"

1 hour later, the leng lui waitress ask for last order, I didnt know the last order is so early!!! Bad service.
Last order wei, and both of us quite full already, can eat, but need to eat slowly. I made a bold decision, ordered 2 chawanmushi, and 3 plates of diff type of noodle.


Walau, when the food reach our table. See also damn full, its like looking at the foods for Fear Factor.
Nevertheless, we manage to finish all and win RM 100, 000 for finishing the challenge, and i give those all the price money to Haris Charity.

Signing off