Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Got tagged by XIA SHIE. What is “tagged”?

Well, I myself dunno wats dat mean… until I read his blog

(Xia Shien 2007) [omg, shit im actually do Harvard Referencing in my blog, am I mad or what!]

Eh, say handsome haris or wat lar... why u put lame, so not cool for my image.

Anyway, I have to actually give FOUR answer to some question. I guess, he really got nothing better else to do in Melaka. Since he tagged me, I might as well teman him lo, since he so kesian do alone. Dun worry brother, I’m here with u Muacks (Brokeback mountain 2; Tale of two Asians, 2009)

4 Jobs I've had in my life…so far
1. Waiter in Sofitel Hotel ( Kulai, Johor) – Its five star hotel ok, and I start serving without any training, slam the chef door one week cause I damn tulan them, and fire the manager 2 weeks later.
2. Toy ‘r’ Us (subang parade) - This is the best, after I wrapped a gift for an uncle (who want to give the gift to his boy), he said to his son “Boy, say thank you to uncle”

3. Little Taiwan (In front of Taylor main campus) – Apart from the free foods and friendly staffs, nothing is really good there… Sigh, I wan eat at subang.
4. Full time student – Full time student for almost 15 years of my life, its really tough. The company nv pays me money, instead I have to pay them in order to work. Sometimes need to do overtime somemore, do assignment lar, test lar, ma 7 ma 7 also got. But best part is having my frens around me to suffer with me muahahaha. Mati sama sama kita semua.

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
Got such thing? Lu siao ar? Watch so many times not sien meh?

1. Pokemon the Movie – I love when Mewtwo fights Mew, u gotta see that part.
2. Cicak Man – Best part is when Cicakman clone speaks Cantonese… ROLFMAO
3. Shin Chan The Movie – You guys dunno Crayon Shin Chan got movie? Lol, gotta check dat out. (Ok, I lied, this movie storyline is not that good, but they really have shin chan the movie)
4. Porn Movie – wooohoo, no need to elaborate

4 Places I've been on vacation
Crap, now u mention it I seldom go for vacation. Sad life.

1. Candi Borobudur - Dunno this place ler, ngeh ngeh ngeh, time for google.
2. Genting Highland – I tried to enter the casino when I was underage (shit, im still underage till 7 days time), bloody guard stop me and check my i/c. Argh, so much for my uncle face.
3. Penang – Wah, really sad wei this question. But penang trip is the best in my life, eat until I tout I was pregnant with twins.
4. Perth – err, Im studying here now, and I take it as vacation… next question please.

4 Favorite dishes of mine
OMG, This is one of my favorite question, I just answer this in one shot All the food I can eat

4 Places I would like to visit
1. Japan – NIHON DES!!!! Wahh, I wan see all the kawaii Japanese girls!!! Yamete yamete!!!

2. Europe – Next time when I got the money, sure! Europe trip!

3. Taman Negara – I wan to see all the babi hutan there…. Then catch some and cook for dinner…. SEDAP!
4. KL Tower – I stay in KL so long liao but nv go KL tower at all…. OMG, sad case wei.

4 Most overused Words
This one, change everytime. [currently]

1. Ma de – Its part of my life, serious… ma de, ask me this kind question.
2. Deng – Erm, sumting like ma de….
3. Shat – polite way of saying “Shit!”
4. OMG, noooo – When sumting really bad happen, normally when exam is coming and I haven’t touch the book yet.

4 Gadgets That I have
1. Nokia N Tujuh Puluh Tiga – Current hp, not bad… I just hope it will stop restarting next time. Im waiting for my iPhone.
2. Ferrari Tiga Ribu – My beloved wife, my red cun laptop… even tough u getting slower and slower each day, dun worry I still love u and going to put u into sleep as soon I get a second wife soon (Ferrari 1000)
3. 2.0GB Cruzer Micro Scandisk USB Flash Drive – Sounds cool eh… it just a 2.0GB thumb drive la. But is darn nice, very cool design, and equipped with U3 technology.
4. 80 GB hard disk – My beloved son, even tough ur capacity is getting lower and lower each day (thanks to my download skill), I still love u, and dun worry I wont abandon u when I get another son from ur future-step-mother. Im going to call ur half brother 500GB hard disk.

4 TV shows I love to watch

Can I answer more than 4?


ok then…

1. Prison Break – Previously on prison break… damn nice, check out Scottfield ‘s genius face and his muscular brother.

2. Heroes – Previously on heroes… I just cant wait for next season!!! PAHLAWAN!

3. H2 – One of Japanese drama that makes me fall in love with Japanese series. Must check this out, I hope the come out with H2 second season (they’ll name it H2O)

4. 1 Litre of Tears – One of the sad series (that’s what they say), most of my friend cried watching this series. Me? Of course no, im cold blooded animal u see… Oh yah, they coming out with new series “1 Gallon of Tears” soon (chee meng 2006)

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
This is hard… I hope I got some AV actresses as my blog friend u see… so I can tag them, but… lets just get it over with some normal/sohai friends I have.

1. Sien Jie – Yah man, u nv update ur bloody blog for god dunno how long, its time for u to do something for the earth. With Great power, u got tanggung jawab to do this.

2. Peh Pet – Da Jie, its time to blog something different other than blogging ur behshuangness in life.

3. Li Shan – Famous for her “1 blog wonder”. U can use this to continue where to leave for

4. Wai Seng, Sye Hoe, Gillian, Chiouh Hua – My Kulai frens…. Long time nv see u guys liao… In case u reading my blog (T.T, im so sad… this blog sux) please do this questions cause u are “TAGGED”

End of Questions

More question? please email to my gmail inbox...


Signing Off


p/s man, this is tiring


Inouye.A said... are hillarious lar...hilariously wonder you call haris..short form for hilariously so hai

Stellix said...

wat the....

Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

I come back from camp then fall sick till now wei, no mood update blog yet. Wait I get all the camp photos, show you lenglui~ ok?

Stellix said...

leng lui?
babi lu
wat camp u go ar?
sex camp ar

Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

swt u la sex camp.

The photos still with the organizing committee,I waiting for them to upload it >_<