Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today I want o talk about “Empat Orang yang Fanstatik” (Fantastic Four)

But first let start with a little bit of “short” history of Fantastic Four

These 3 guys and 1 girl turn into mutant cause of some cosmic and experiment thingy. Hard to explain, u want to know more bout the history go look out urself lar...

Anyway, after the "dunno-wat-experiment-shit" happens one can become like bubble gum, go through key hole and peeps some girls changing clothes. One can become fire and help with barbeque. One becomes stone giant, look like badass in those 80’s horror movie (but actually he is a good guy). The girl (Jessica Alba) can become hollow woman, which is not a good thing cause she is so hot, why would the director make her vanish?

But Im not really talking bout the first movie

"No no, not the first movie in 2005"

Not the “Kebangkitan Peluncur Perak

"Rise of Silver Suffer"

But its this one...

"Its original poster (im serious), u can check it in wiki"

But it is the very first and classic Empat Orang yang Fantastik back in 1994. Im serious this is not a joke. Check this out

"From left Encik Fantastik (Mr.Fantastic), Perempuan Halimunan (The Invisible Woman), Orang Api (The Human Torch), and back behind there is Barang (The Thing)."

The best part is the director only use 1.5 million dollar for the budget… never released, but u can buy the DVD online… OMG, please tell me if u happen to buy this DVD ROLFMAO hahaha

Guess what, I found some trailer and ending clip of the movie for u guys… OMG and they look soooo gay with the costume hahaha


Fantastic Four 1994 trailer ROLFMAO

Fantastic Four 1994 Ending HAHAHA

Signing Off

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