Saturday, July 7, 2007

Marvelous, Fantastica, Cun, Superb Dinner in Perth

Yesterday I had a great dinner at D'Tandoor Restaurant.
Wonder how i got there??
Its a long story,

Few months ago, there was this eating competition who needs two participant. So me and my fren decided to take the challenge. The host announced that the winner will get 60 Dollar worth of voucher at D'Tandoor Restaurant. Woots!!! Me and my fren decide, whoever get the price will share among ourselves.
So, just like that i got this silly looking voucher

"Mahai, printed on normal A4 paper and sumore its black and white"

After few months planning, canceling and ffk-ing for the right time to go. We decided to go on 5 of july (yesterday lar)
My fren drove his gf's car, and we got lost for few minutes. But in the end we reach there.
Sad to say the service here sux like pig. Cause the place is kinda high class, and we dont wear formal clothes, so the bloody manager and waiter is so ham-ka-chan no manner. When we showed them the voucher, lagi lah no manner. Btw, who cares to look at their cipet face, i just want to eat.
We start off with
"Tandoori Chicken Sizzler"

"Keema Naan""Maharaja Naan"
We got another naan, its called Masala naan. forgot to take pic

Let me start off with tandoori chicken, its really nice. They serve on hot claypot, and it sumhow got this satay smell. hmmm, marvelous. cun cun its $16.50
Next Keema naan is here with beef curry... I tell u, the naan here is CUN!!! Its so soft, almost melt when u put in ur mouth. OMG, im so hungry right now....
And then come maharaja Naan, sounds so KING... yah, i feel like King when i taste it, "Now bow before me u idiots!!!! muhahahaha". Ok, back to reality, we got one more Masala naan, i forgot to take pic....

After that, we wait for our beef korma. We finished our naan and tandoori, but beef korma havent come. So we ask the waitress. She then said "This is your beef korma"
All of us look at this pathetic bowl
"Finished Beef Korma"
Ok, my bad. I dont know its our beed korma. They put it in a small bowl, wat the heck. I tout its the curry to celup for naan!!! Aihz... and its $17.90 dollar
And all the naans cost us around 3.90 dollar per naan

"Gulab Jamoon"

These weird looking balls are actuall milk dumpling deep fried in oil and covered with rose scented syrup. ITs hot, so careful not to scald ur tongue. Its damn nice, but its damn small and expensive, this small bowl with 3 balls cost us 6.90 per bowl. Ma ji dan gao
But my fren just sapu, he licked the syrup till the last drop
"These balls are so yummy!!"

Some of the pic i took there

In the end we ngam ngam use $59.90 for the dinner!!! Woot!!!

Signing Off

Extra pic of the day

I love the scenary here!!!

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