Monday, July 9, 2007

Melbourne here i come!!!

Im gonna post this entry with Japanese language.

Konichiwa minasan
watasahiwa wasabi, sushi sashimi sony hitachi honda toyota
casio canon MELBOURNE des sonya panasonic
unagi tempura yaki soba itadakimas
panasonic taiyo

arigato gosaimas

For those who dont understand japanese here is the translation

---translation start here---

Hello guys,
Im going for holiday from 2morrow on, hehehe
Actually plan very long d, MELBOURNE here i come
I wont be updating so frequent liao
but still will update once in a while

Thank you
Bye bye

---End of translation---

Heheeh, i know i know... my japanese very good mah.
Want me to teach u? sure sure... wait until i go back
dun worry, i will teach u, japanese language PHD level

Meanwhile im gone
Check this cinema out lol
"Im bored"
Only few of us were there... SEVEN OF US!!!
I can run here run there
The cinema is mine muahahahahah

I can do what i wanted to do since young....
"In front of the screen"


Signing off


aLExpikachU said...

I see.... so you are a Wasabi..

May I eat you??? XD

Stellix said...

lol, can not