Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcoming new author for Stellix's Useless Blog

Yo guys,
I know this is crazy but i really need to tell you guys about this....

Stellix's Useless Blog got a new author

DJoker Razgriz Beouwolf a.k.a 山下大輝 a.k.a Yamashita Taiki

But in short, you can call him Badi

After long time thinking (1 minute) I decided to ask him to help me write ini this blog cause this semester i dont really have the time to write on this blog. You know lar, eat, sleep, dota ar... so busy, where got time braderr...
Sumore our friend Badi here is always damn kao high and lame...
Aih, dunno why nowdays got so many lame ppl around me, beh tahan....
Ok la, welcome bro

have fun

Signing off

1 comment:

DJoker Razgriz Gustav Beouwolf XIII said...


Btw, got a pic. This is my pic in my profile.

Wanted terrorist.

For causing terror by causing confusion. Because people cannot understand what I say.


Wanted. Dead or Alive. In Haris' blog.