Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Melbourne Trip (satu)

Yah, at last its here... Melbourne trip photos
Sorry for the late update guys!


Long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away.... Got three "Jakun Tribe" from Perth decided to go to Melbourne. They took super cheap Jet Plane that cost them "1 month worth of room rental money" (kanasai) to reach Melbourne


Jakun A was tired cause he is a hardworking student, study till very late. So during the flight, Jakun A sleep inside the plane... Mana tau, Jakun B kari-kacau Jakun A while he sleeping

"Hehehehe I am Jakun B, and Jakun A is sleeping"

"Pura pura tidur"

After "God-knows-how-many-hours" flight. They land on earth... But then, Jakun C feel weird... then she shouted "Hei, we are not in Melbourne, we are in Sydney!!!! The Jet Plane bring us go wrong place"
All of them started to panic, but Jakun A then said
"Since we are here, lets eat first" (memang jakun)

"The infamous Krispy Kream"

Dont jealous ok...

And after the dinner... The three Jakuns continue their journey to Melbourne...

To be continue

Signing off

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