Friday, February 29, 2008



List out the Top 5 Presents you wish for:
one million ringgit
a car (together with license)
a nice wallet
A decent job
A gf

Person who tagged you is: Jenna the leng lui (she force me to say leng lui de.... :'( )

Your 5 impressions of him/her: straightforward, force ppl say she is leng lui, always attack people's weakpoint, love kenny very very muchy, ..... nothing to say ler, my impression for u is that little.

Most memorable things he/she has done for you: the chrysanthemum tea that she boiled for us.... super nice, but turn out a bit salty... ::ahem:: a bit ::ahem::

The most memorable words he/she said to you:
Haris, ni hen lame ler ( you damn lame ler)

If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
kena bunuh by kenny sia

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
i kiss justin timberlake

Pass the quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you:

1.Jenna (back to u)
2. Ah Jie
4.Yen Yen
5.Choi Mei
7.Jean nie
10.Xia shien

Who is no.7 having a relationship with?

Who is no. 9 having a relationship with?

If no.9 and no.1 are together, will it be a good thing?
Jenna and VC?? I think is good for VC since shes looking for partner, but not for Jenna. Overall i think both of them will be alright (minus kenny)

What about no. 1 and no. 5?
Choi Mei and Jenna??? impossible

What is no.3 studying?
Abunene? Studying at Sekolah Itik Malaysia, learning how to become the best Itik in the world

When was the last time you chatted with no.6?
Christal?? Ermmm, wait, i am thinking, we skip this question k...

Does no.4 work?
Yen Yen? Yeah, that sohai working, dont know doing what now. Missing for few weeks liao. Maybe kena sold by some Bangladesh

Does no.8 have any cousin(s) in his/her school?
Michy?? Yah, her school got a lot of sotongs

Will you woo no.8?
Michy?? Kanasai, you want Chikupin to kill me issit.

How about no.5?
Choi Mei?? She at frankeistein there, too far for me liao

Does no.2 have any siblings?
Ah Jie?? Hell yeah, i am one of them lol

How did you get to know about no.3?
Abunene?? Long story, that time i got join police force... then got one time got raid at Jalan Wong Ah Fuk (Red light district). Raid that time ler, i meet this abunene lor, he was ::ahem:: there. He saw me, then beg me to help him. I said no, and he want to rasuah me. But i got "Say no to rasuah" badge, but who cares right.... So, i took his ::ahem:: and help him, in the end, both of us become good friend.

Yen Yen?? This one really long story wor. Last time I work as a taxi driver. Then got one time, Yen Yen took my taxi. She said he want to go Jalan Wong Ah Fuk find ::ahem::, then I said "Aiyah, that place no more ong liao. Come I bring u to this NICE!!! place."
Then she said ok lo
After that i bring her to Jb, sarang agua. Wah, after that she said she like that place.... until now she become regular customer over there. Got one phrase also took from his name "di mana ada agua, disitu ada yen yen"

Where does no.1 live at?
Jenna? Got a lot of house ler, first i know she live at lawson street with her bf, then she got another house near WA, then she got another house at Tawau. Sometimes, she feels bored, she stay at Jalan Wong Ah Fuk take care of small chicken. She like mama-chan in those gangster movie.

How did you get to know no.2?
Ah Jie?? Kanasai, u ask him la. Ask this kind of question again, not sien meh...

Is no.5 the sexiest person in the world?
Choi Mei?? HELL YEAH!!