Saturday, May 26, 2007


First of all, i wan to congratulate our sotong queen of brunei, Ah Lian for graduating. Congrats wei, now u can find job and cheng me dinner. I wan one-utama de Dragon-i k... I'll make sure i bring scissor this time :P

Then, i wan to congrats my friend's gf which is also my friend, but not so close friend, but consider friend also lar, but i always say my friend gf because like dat my friend can be more proud of his gf which is also my friend. My friend is Patrick, and his gf is Myn Wee, i dunno her english name is Mae.... see, i told u, im not dat close with her :P. Anyway, long story, short. congrats her for this

"Yeah girl, Im proud for u, and ur bf..."

Btw, i heard that patrick going to join Mister Malaysia 2008. Go for it man, u can do it. Bring chee meng with u, but dun become enemy in the end k.

I get this from xs's blog, bloody asshole he nv told me he got blog till now. And he tout a "bass" is a "guitar"....Bro, guitar got 6 strings, bass got 4 big strings. And he ask me to link back to his blog... ok lar bro, i link to u

I want to thanks XS for everything he has done to me, he is a very very helpful friend, dun play play, i think if i ask him to fly here help me lipat aeroplane, he will. But, im not so wuliao ask him do dat. Im really really grateful.

Thats all folks, im gonna update again with more photos soon.

Signing off

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