Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lanun Lanun KariKacang 3 review

Yoz, i watched it... at last, after 4 days of waiting.

Lets start with Storyline
4 stars

Well, I have to say LLKK 3 have nice storyline and doesn't make you feel bored like some other movie (e.g spiderman 3). Although im quite confused sometimes, but i still get the main idea.

3 stars

They have great CG animation member, and really utilized them to the max. Check out the battle in center of maelstrom, marvelous. But, they dont really show much CG as much as the first movie (check out the fight under moonlight from LLKK 1) so i have to give them 3 stars.

2.3 stars

Crap... how come? hamilan? why? why like this? oi Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (script writers), u guys know how to write good ending script or not? lan j** betul, u wan me to teach u how to write good ending or not? or u just want to make it so that u can make LLKK 4, LLKK5 till LLKK 10 cause Will cant die?
Also this Gore Verbinski (Director), u know how to film movie or not? script writer write like dat, u direct the movie like dat. mahai, u cannot be flexible ar? Change the ending a bit lar, tiuz.
Be like this


Ok lar, dats all my review about, i just want to stress out the ending nia. And Keira Knightley is very pretty... ohhh

Nway, guys before i end my entry, i have sumting of u all. Ending after credit of LLKK 3.... dunno ler hahaha, thanks badi for the info.

Signing off

Jack Sparrow's first line in the movie is "My peanut"
Apparently they have not bad ending. it is revealed that Will and Elizabeth have had a son, whose name is also William Turner, and the family is seen reuniting ten years later. In the film, it is unclear whether Elizabeth's fidelity will allow Will to be with her, but the writers confirmed that the flash of green light seen at the end is the sign that Will's soul has returned to Earth and that they can live as a family. (wiki)

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