Friday, June 8, 2007

Aladdin and the Magic Carpet

Today i want to talk about my house in Perth.
1. Its at bentley area, so its kinda dangerous with orang asli around
2. Its near Curtin Uni, so very convenient for me
3. Inside the house the carpet is darrrnnnnnn DIRTY.

Im serious, its really darn kao dirty, dun trust me? see these pics for urself

"Taken from inside (We need to wear slippers inside the house)"

"Taken from outside"
"Side angle"
"Stain from dunno wat benda"
You know why issit so bloody dirty?
Legend says that long time ago before haris move in to the house, previous tenant of the house got drunk one day. She vomitted on dat spot (WUEEEKKK, u know? muntah) >,<... and so, resident of that house decided to wear slippers in the house so that their leg wont get infected by the virus (in malay we say : "kena sisa sisa muntah yang geli") When i first came here, its not that bad... But "Now"... u see la, its DARK colour.. Sometimes got friends come, i also feel paiseh. ma de, become like tourist attraction sumore.... u see this fella

"Selamat ke rumah saya, sila tengok di bawah anda karpet yang sungguh kotor dan hitam"

More and more people come and see the place, they they decided to promote it with a girl as ambassador.
"Mari mari, karpet kotor seluruh Perth, jangan lepaskan peluang seumur hidup"

But then, one day i decided and say "Thats it, im going to ask landlord to clean the carpet".
And so, long story cut short... the carpet cleaner came

"Harvey Norman Home Services. Like fire fighter's car sia..."

"Get out of the house!!!! your carpet is on FIRE!!!!"

Ok, this guy Carlos is the man. He came here and said "Your landlord only ask me to do straight cleaning but dun worry, I charged extra for the landlord cause it is too dirty and i'll help u to kill the germs"
Then I said, "but, u sure the landlord going to pay that much?"
He laugh at us and said "Dun worry, i already got his visa card number"
And with a cool and macho style, he start his work

"Spray spray to kill all the bloody "virus-muntah" "

"Steam vacuum the place"
"Our rooms"
"Spray again"
He said "That place is a challenge for me"

Seriously, he talks like arnold in Terminator 4
And he clean the place like Arnold kill the enemies
Check this out

"Notice the diff there? that side is heaven, here is hell"
"Another proof"
"Astala bista, baby carpet"
Virus-muntah : "Noooooo, I WILL BE BACK"

He done that in 2 or 3 hours... one man show for the whole house...
Check out my room

That is before... when he finish cleaning, i open my door and i see.....
"Light from above"
Of course i did not try to go towards the light... I try to look carefully...
"Shinning room"
Signing Off

Picture of the Day

"World's most difficult JIGSAW PUZZLE"

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