Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Say no to Tom Yam Steamboat

I got STEAMYAMPHOBIA (Its phobia for tom yam steamboat)
As what the tittle mention... I had enuf of steamboat!!! especially tom yam flavor. I guess i wont be eating steamboat or any tom yam flavor food (e.g tom yam noodle, tom yam mee hun, tom yam fried rice, tom yam kuay teow, tom yam cake, tom yam dessert, tom yam tea, tom yam cola, tom yam campur belacan, etc). Holy crap, im really terrified. Read on to know what makes me have the steamyamphobia.

We all planned to have tom yam steamboat for 8 ppl, so right after lunch (wait... i think i skip my lunch, ah watever) all of us went to scout for steamboat stuff. In the end, we pay 100 dollars for all the meat, tau fu, mushroom, paste etc.... (100 bloody dollars!!!! ni ma ma de! omgbbq)
Then just before we go back, 3 of them call us they are not coming.... (3 of them ler!! deng lo, omg lar, dun like this la brader, sistar 100 dollars u know, australia dollar u know not rupiah). So what to do, in the end only 5 of us eat.

"Five people eat 8 ppl portion, keng le hehehe. jangan sembayang sembayang (dun pray pray)"

Saw dat pic? looks nice huh...
Yah, looks very nice and delicious, dats what i tout first time we saw the scene.... Eat eat eat kao kao, chat here chat there. But after 15 min, all of us stop talking, eat very slow like zombie lost its mind (aik, zombie memang no mind... ah watever) and suddenly i said "Thats it, i already reached my limit"
Soon after jx and ivy followed, so does the rest of them....
We cleaned up the mess, keep the remaining food.

(This morning)
I woke up around 11am in the morning, jx come in my room and said.. come down, time for brunch.... I brush my teeth happily and went down the stairs. To my horror, i saw sumthing familiar on the dinner table.

"OMG, devaju or wat... shit, its still there"

Walan eh, cannot tahan. yesterday eat so full, now need to suffer again. I stop eating after two bowl of tom yam mee hun.

(Just now)
I asked Kelvin, Karen and Sui Chen to come over for dinner.... i ask them to cook some stuff for us, sumting like potluck. and guess what is the main course of the night???
u guessed it correctly

"Third time this week... dun u ever show up in front my face again"

Wah!!! Beh tahan....
In conclusion


In this entry, i wan to thanks JIN XIANG for cooking the tom yam

Extra pic of the day
"Queuing for Pirates of Caribbean 3 movie"
A: Why do u need to queue to watch?
Q: Cinemas in Perth they do not have number seating, so u need to come early and grab ur seat before all the good seat are taken. Disadvantage of free seating.

(dats 1 hour before the show.... cilaka all these kia su ppl... [im one of them])

Signing off


Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

Eh babi, I still haven't watch Pirates! GRRRR

Dunwan tomyam steamboat give me! Dem hungry, all the food here all the same,eat until sienz.


Stellix said...

lol, i also wan sushi buffet man!!!ROOOARRR

Inouye.A said...

XD cilaka ur say no to tomyam steamboat fucking funny....

Stellix said...

lol, next time i wan say no to indo mee goreng d...

Stellix said...

nway krishtal, i like ur entry with the korean guy lol.. dat was funny