Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birthday Party

Phew... at last i can online and slowly update my blog.
I also forgot wan to blog wat d...

Ohh, yah. My birthday
Yah, actually for my birthday, I asked few of my frens go to Ciao Italia for dinner.
We reached there around 7pm, and queue till 7.45pmpm to get in the restaurant.
Inside we need to wait around half an hour for the food to come. OMG!!!

"John and Aaron cant tahan waiting for dinner"
"Jin Xiang cant tahan d, he meditate to forget bout his hunger"
"Even tough they all damn hungry, still want to pose with garlic bread"
"Im the man who can ignore anything in front of food, got camera also i dun care"

After dinner around 9pm, all of us go back to my place and chat chat a bit, yam cha a bit...
Then 11pm, all of us bertolak to Millpoint...
Ok, for those who dunno where is millpoint, can check world map.
From the world map, u cant see the place. Its just a small place in Perth, of course cannot see la.

Well, its actually place where u can see city view at night, and have BBQ party. But only idiot will go there for BBQ now, cause its winter.. and its damn cold, and i admit im an idiot haahhaha
Once we reach there, everyone was cursing
"Mahai, damn cold wei"
"Cipet, haris, damn cold wei"
"F***ing cold"
"Haris, why u come here u sot ar?"
etc etc

"City View at nite. romantic mah"
"After curse here curse there, suddenly so semangat posing for the camera"

After pose here pose there like model, its time to cut cake.
"my birthday cake"
This is not an ordinary cake
First of all its a chocolate cake thus, it is not an ordinary cake.
It got chocolate balls on top of it
I dunno wat is inside the balls, but they all seems to enjoy the balls.
"hmm, yummy"
"wah, this ball nice wei"
"Can i have another one?"
etc etc

No kidding, just in a blink of eye
all the balls gone!!!
Then, not only dat, the cake is superb!!!
yummiest bd cake i ever got
But, nv get to finish eh whole cake

Ish, tiuz
internet down again!!!
I cant upload the photos!!!


signing off

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aLExpikachU said...

Happy birthday again :D

Celebrate happily?