Saturday, June 30, 2007

Birthday Party Dua

Im back!!!
Previously on Stellix's Useless Blog

No kidding, just in a blink of eye
all the balls gone!!!
Then, not only dat, the cake is superb!!!
yummiest bd cake i ever got
But, nv get to finish eh whole cake

Ish, tiuz
internet down again!!!
I cant upload the photos!!!

Now Stellix's Useless Blog is back

They sing Birthday Song to me, and ask me to make a wish

"Actually my wish very simple, i wan new laptop, new bag, new wallet, more pocket money, better internet connection, more chocolate, more food for me to eat, get HD for exam, ok la dun wan so tamak all distinction can d, iphone, ticket back to malaysia, malaysian food, Randy Rhoads Jackson guitar, new effect, ticket to japan for 1 month holiday with pocket money etc"
dats all
"Christian version (amen)"

"Muslim version (amin)"

"Buddha version (amitabha)"

Ok, enuf with the crap... everyone still shivering hahaha

"Cut cake!!!"

"I need to drink the rest of the Black Label"

"Thank You guys"

Here i want to thank all my friend for their wishes, present, support, face during the dinner and cutting cake ceremony, overseas phone call, local phone call (just dun send me phone bill), sms, friendster comment, belated wishes. I have a great birthday.. Sekian Terima Kasih

Thanks AlexPikachu for the banner

Signing Off

p/s* Sorry for the slow update... dun worry the next update wont be long
p/s** I dun look like a monkey
p/s*** u look like a monkey

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d@knight said...

Semangat la!

Selamat Hari Jadi !
Semoga dipanjangkan umur si soh loh ini...

Almost cannot recognise u from the pic le... new look edi la!