Monday, July 2, 2007

Para Penukar

Para Penukar is here!!! at last, after waiting for almost 1 and a half year. Its here!!!! WOOOTT!!!

You cant believe how excited am i right now...
Wat u dunno what "Para Penukar" is?? LOL, u must be kidding me..
Ok, let me show you a picture

"Looks familiar??"
That is Ahpet-bot, one of Para Penukar
Still got no ideat??
LOL, then check this poster out

"Autobots and Decepticons"

Still got no idea?
Wait wait, then you must have seen this poster around

"Para Penukar teaser poster"

YUPPPP, It is!!!
In english they called i "Transformers" sumting
"This poster is damn cool!!!"

For those who dont know what is Para Penukar. Let me tell u brief story bout the movie.
They come from the planet Cybertron and are divided into the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron. They are able to "transform", rearranging their bodies into a common and innocuous form, such as a car, aircraft, or animal. (wiki)
When they transform, u can hear the sound "ngek ngek ngek ngek" , almost similiar to the sound u make on the bed when u doing sumting.
"Optimus Prime"

But somehow, If not mistaken... their energy or sumting getting lesser and lesser, so they need to find a new planet 2 get the energy. So coincidently, they land up on earth. They they have war here, and then fight here fight there... Sumting like dat...

I cant wait to watch it 2morrow,
and when i do... I will make a review dun worry guys.
I'll make the review looks good even tough the movie is not nice.

Before i sign out. Check conversation out

"Chee Meng the cock master"

Signing off

*p/s Thanks chee meng for the cock idea


aLExpikachU said...

'Protect' logo... looks like a crying face


Stellix said...

lol,dats autobot logo