Saturday, June 2, 2007

Shopping in Perth

Hello guys... Wussup.
Few days ago, i browsed through my blog entries, and found out that most of the posts are not about Perth. Wut? I'm in Perth right now! i should write more about Perth right?
Readers : Yeah right!! (syok sendiri :P)

Ok then, I decided to blog about Perth.
First of all, Perth is getting colder everyday cause we are approaching winter. Especially at night, fooo, the cold really can make u impotent. no kidding man... wear extra underwear to make ur bird birth warm and comfy. I guarantee u, if u bath with cold water at this time, no need to celebrate "mothers day" or "fathers day".

Second and the main entry of today is Perth most visited place for Asian. Harbour Town.

Well, lets start off with Harbour Town history. U guys know about Pearl Habour right? The one kena bomb by Osama Japanese army on 1941 in Oahu, Hawaii. They even have Pearl Harbour movie for u guys to watch, u know right?
Well, actually Pearl Harbour has nothing to do with Harbour Town. If u want to know about Harbour town history go here

Ok, enuf with the crap. I'll give brief introduction of habour town. Harbour town is where all the asian, escially kiam siap and kia lui malaysian and singaporian who love to see "SALES" and "DISCOUNT" word. Yeah, u guess it right, its a shopping paradise with a lot of "SALES" "70% OFF" "BUY 1 FREE 1" posters all around.

Check all these pic out


"50 to 80"


"Forever Clearance. God knows when they really clear out"

"Kitchen""Yeah and its double storey"

"20% and 30%"


"No sex discrimination, they even got guy's stuff here"
"More SALES"

"Nike special day ALL GOODS 30% off!!!"

"View from top"

"That day not many ppl go, i dunno why"

"Shit, i forgot, its already 5pm, all of them go back home liao"

"Told ya, its getting darker rite"

Thats all... no more pics... man, im tired just looking at all these pics. and its only half of the place. VC, Mich and ting, u guys got to check this place out.

Signing Off
Haris Lim

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