Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In relation to previous entry seems like one of my friend boh shuang me cause i nv dedicate an entry for him. His name is Ronald Vorm vorm aka, Ron Da Vong (nicknamed by mich and vc) aka Chocolate man aka taiwan boy in brunei aka miri boy in brunei aka ronald aka ronnie aka ronniez vonniez...

First, i want to clarify why i nv dedicate a post for him, this is because this bugger always Missing In Action, dunno where the heck is he now. I ask him only tell me he is going to UK... deng lei....

We havent seen each other for almost a year, really miss him a lot. That time when he go to UK, i was so sad, i play dota all night long. Sumore this bastard, i still remember nv call back when he reached UK... babi, we thought got terrorist come and tiu his backside in the plane. Lucky in the end can contact him, if not i would have called SWAT team and FBI to find him.
Never the less, he is one of my best friend back in subang and jaya, some say brunei (parody of phua chu kang motto)

"pics taken at Ron's living room"

Yeah, Ron is a bloody rich bastard. His dad own Empire Hotel in Brunei... Last time when i went there, he even bring me play at his playground for free... I think its call Jerudong Park or something like dat... I know u guys wont trust me, thats why i bluff u guys. hohoho

Last week, his birthday... I celebrate his birthday by playing poker with him online... Purposely lose to him and give him my money (actually, really lost the games). That must be a really memorable birthday for him to have me and mich playing poker with him. Dun cry bro, its the least i can do for u.

Bro, faster come back msia... Or u want to come perth also I always welcome you. but please bring some chocolate for me, if not u sleep outside.

Signing off

*ps happy belated birthday

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