Monday, August 13, 2007


I want to dedicate this entry to my Ex-classmate in SAM and also ex-classmate and coursemate in TBS and also ex-roomate in Subang, EX-MAN in X-MAN 4 the movie.

He is non other than Patrick aka Patricia (he got both "ahem" and "ahem"), aka Pat Pat Terlipat aka Patrick the Starfish (this one for squarepants fans) aka Yappo aka Kien Huat aka Abang hensem di subang aka god of gamble in subang aka ok la, no more d...

Pat-Pat Terlipat is a good friend of mine.... We always eat dinner 2gether, play DOTA together, watch movie together... Heck, we even sleep 2gether..

See this pic

"Happy Stone Friends (Parody of Happy Tree Friends)"

In that pic, hold so many memory of me and pat... see me there, left hand side.. and Yappo....
Ops, pai seh ah... wrong picture

"from left hand side, sarawak, pet pet, me, pervert uncle, sashi the cc"

Yup, forgot to mention he got another nickname pet pet...
This pic was taken during world war 2, u see chai (nickname sarawak) is now in Curtin Miri, playing basketball for Miri team in NBA. Chee Meng (nicknamed pervert uncle) is now a Doctor in Damansara after 7 years staying in Subang for his doctorate. Sashi (nicknamed Sashi the sissy) is now at indon cooking bakso and soto for the refugees (well he is one of the refugees).

Thats all about Yappo guys
dont u think he is a great guy??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRIKU (his name in japanese)

Hope u get more leng luis to intro me....
Kam Sia

Signing off
Haris Lim, wishing the best for Patrick back in Malaysia. God bless me


d@knight said...

soh loh,

u memang orang berada yang suka mengada-ada la...

Stellix said...

biasa la tu