Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Spider Pig

I bet everyone know about this sohai family

"We are the sohai family"

Yeah, they are the Simpsons
They got this new hilarious movie showing in cinemas near you... So check them out

No no no no
Not these movies
this one all parodies....

The one with Spider Pig soundtrack
Yeah, u heard me... Spider Pig

"look out, here comes the spider pig"

When Holmes sing the spider pig song,
it just hit my head
Its one of the best parody song i ever heard
The lyrics, and the sohai voice he got
Im just so addicted to this song right now

Today, Stellix's Useless Blog will share with you guys the greatest song on earth aka song of the year aka best parody song ever aka sohai song with u guys

Spider Pig
Download the song here




Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

Can he swing

From a web

No he cant

He's a pig


He is a SPIDER PIG!!

Thanks to Xia Shien for the song
Please enjoy the song to the fullest

May the Spider Pig force be with you

Signing off

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