Monday, August 6, 2007

New sem, new friend, new jokes

Just last week, i started my last sem for my uni life (hope i wont fail lar, if not sure ham kah chan one, my mum take parang cut me).
And so the story goes, me and 2 other friend go to class, there this guy sitting alone, so i sit beside him.
The class start, and lecturer told us that we need to get into group of 4... since dun wan so mafan walk here walk there ask for team member After long consideration, we decide to ask the guy beside me to become our fourth member. His name is Joe..
We intro ourselves to him, and he intro himself to us... He come from brunei, (reminds me of those sohais back in malaysia and uk and brunei)
My friend, being so jakun never been to brunei before, he ask joe...
"So, how is brunei looks like??"

Being a serious guy, he tried to explain how brunei look with his hand...
Then he said calmly

"This is city...."

And he stops for a while
figuring out wat to say next...

My friends and me listen very careful
(if u are wondering why are we talking during tutorial, it is because the lecturer is busy with her stuff, not cause we are being rude. Kami budak budak cina sangat hormat kepada cik gu)

He then continue
"then ...
"This part all 'san ba' (jungle)"

Me and my friends burst to laughter
damn cock

Hei, no hard feeling for Bruneians. The one who told me this is a bruneians, really! no jokes... (i mean, its a joke but... u know)

Im sorry if this offend any of u in any ways....
U can do anything to me, but please dont touch my family...
What the heck am i talking about...

Signing off

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chellez said...

ask that joe dude if hes from stoneage instead!