Saturday, August 4, 2007

SMS needed

Guys, i need help here... wat i need is just 1 sms per day from u guys to give charity to me...
Yeah, charity to haris lim
U know why? because, saya sudah pokai macam babi yang tak makan 5 hari.
No la, actually Im joining a contest where if u vote for this chick below, i got a chance to get a new hp.... u know la, my hp kena sabotage by my housemate, now my hp kaki patah jor... so kesian... (no la just kidding, monday im going to repair it)

"Ohayo, itadakimas"

So please type GS12249
and send to 28700

each sms only cos 50 cent...
50 cent each day and u can give charity to haris
Those money will be put into "tabung kebajikan Haris Lim"
see, how good is dat...

Thank u guys
i know i can count on u guys
KAM SIA, i love u guys...

Untuk more question, please call 000 (perth emergency number)

Signing Off

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