Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Caught Speeding In Perth

"Mat Rempit from Malaysia" (fake name of course) was caught speeding in Perth, bringing his speed demon driving skills to Perth but kena take picture by Police.... Few days later, letter came to his house... So I curi look at the letter because I am very kee poh concern bout him.

Being a verykee poh concern friend, I decided to curi-curi ask him whether I can scan the letter online so that all of you can laugh at it learn something from it.

And of course I already censored his name and important details... and add some comment on the letter to make thing more interesting.

"Click on the image"

Thank you "Mat Rempit from Malaysia" for letting me post this letter. May the force be with you all. VROMMM (shit, kena saman)

Signing off


Jenna said...

Muahhaahaha...nono..we should learn not laugh...let's take moment of silence to learn from other's mistakes...

chellez said...

hahah eh who is that! jx?! lolllll

Stellix said...

jenna = lol, damn obvious u laughing

chellez = hehehe, u ask him la