Sunday, September 9, 2007

Prison Break Season four. Breaking from Perth Fremantle Prison

Yay, last week I went to Fremantle Prison. Cause last week I rob Maybank in Perth, so the police tangkap me and bring me to the prison.... Just kidding la, wait till u find Maybank in Perth. If you can find Maybank in Perth, I call u dad. If u can find ramlee burger in Perth, I call u grandmaster.
Actually its a class trip for our Marketing assignment. I dont really want to post this up but some ppl *ahem*vc*ahem* said their nv see the prison before and beg me to post it on blog. Since I so generous, I post lo.
We reach around 6pm. Reach the first entrance where you can buy tickets.


First stop is the gift shop... What the heck... They sell those stone chain, mug, prisoner doll, prison pajamas... Damn cool wei... Check the photo out.

Better than Barbie Doll

"Gift shop"

Then second entrance. The real prison

"Second Entrance to the prison"

Its getting dark and creepier as we go into the prison.... The guide bring us around, first she show us the prison rooms.

"Damn small and stuffy"

Then, we went into this one small room, and she started to give speech... Damn kao sien lo, but then wat to do... Our assignment mah... I think we stayed there for about half and hour, or 45 min or one hour, i think i lost count...

"Good evening everyone, how are ya... yada yada aliba aliba"

But she was really friendly and helpful.... thank u so much for the speech that day ^.^
After the "yawn" speech, another guide came and take over.... At last some prison break guide!!! But first thing we saw was.... the prison toilet bowl.
" This is where they poo and pee or even pee poo(what the heck is peepoo?)"
"She reminds me of Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter"

Next is this interesting place
"Tea Room Yam Cha place"
Some even said its T Bag's room in prison break
"T Bag"
But its actually where officers go yam cha during their break, they got teh-0 ais, teh tarik, maggie goreng, indo mee and even ramlee burger.... yah right... (Crap, i think i miss ramlee burger too much)

Last stop is the best....

"The execution Room"

I tell u, its damn freaking creepy sia.... Then she tell us the story, who was the last man and woman who kena hang there...Like hell got ppl remember their names.... Then tell us the procedure of hanging. Basically the procedure went like this, 1st the officers help u to wear the "cloth of death" 2nd then u are dead. Its easier than pumping petrol... They wan to make it as fast as possible. To avoid any accident (e.g head got cut off from the body) the executioner must know some physic skills, they height and weight of the prisoner.... Damn, those executioners are not dumb....

And so thats the end of the story...
Last pic before we go off

Signing off
*p/s this post is dedicated to VC who never seen a prison before... please say thank u in comment box.
**p/s you are very welcome


Inouye.A said...

The prison room better than my room wei...

Stellix said...

ur toilet also like dat ar?

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