Sunday, September 9, 2007

Freaking funny youtube post!

I bet u guys knew about "namawee" song about Negarakuku. Well, I dont want to give comment bout the songs, but u guys can search his song in youtube. Anyway, After this "namawee" song published on youtube, and this guy really piss some of the government. But in the end, he apologized to the country. But some ppl still boh shuang him....
Check this out, Terrorist Malaysia.


By the way, its not the funniest thing yet.... Some Singaporean (or malaysian or dunno wat citizenship) really boh shung with the above video and decided to post a reply.

"hahahahahahahaha this fella DAMN cock wei"

But he does not stop there....

"Holy shit!!! this is the best video i ever watch in youtube"

And he still not yet satisfied with his glorious creation....

"OHHHH man, i cant stop laughing"

Some interesting comment....

"this is an example of a person with extremely limited vocabulury.."

" dont main la.nanti taliban betul datang habis lu."

" ur voice sounds like a sissy lah!come on man!grow up!tunjuk muka lah berani!mesti muka bapok+berjerawat"

" aiyo !! stop this lah ....u dont know shame ar !! dont let other ppl know u are malaysian!!"

Crap... I really cant stop laughing .. someone please stop me...

Signing off
Laughing Haris


khang said...

well, out of boredom and for the fans out there... I err... translated the second replied video which sounded the funiest earlier. I got no place to paste my superb translation... so.....

here goes:----

hallow friend... go and study lar,cibai! no brain..
dont even have a fucking gut, buy a toy m16 or ak47 lar! puacibai!
no money ah?
cibai want to play terrorist
b-lunch of fucking kids
let me teach you some inglish lah!
A for ass hole
B for bitch, your mother is a bitch ok ?
C for cibrai ? ciiibrrraaaaii
D for dick head, you're a fucking dick head ok?
F for fucker, you're a damn fucking cibai fucker!
P for pig! because you have no brain! FUCK YOU BLARDY PIG!

Stellix said...

thats a good one khang
thanks for the translation ^.^