Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lame meh???

Hello friends,

how come always say I always post lame stuff?
Walau eh,
not lame ok, its funny.

Always say i am lame king, babi betul....
Not good meh, i post funny stuff. Let u guys read, let u guys laugh.
You want me post serious stuff issit.

Pada hari itu, saya sedang berjalan dengan serius. Muka saya so serious until crying children can laugh. Anyway, you know why i berjalan dengan serius? It is because, I wan to faster go back and berak, but dont want to rush, because the shit is seriously going to come out liao. If i run a bit, seriously.... sure confirm keluar.

Lucky i was able to keep my cool and reach home happily ever after. But seriously, that day was an unlucky day for me. My sister was using the toilet for serious business.... OMG, my face become more and more serious!!!! That time, I was so desperate, so i use 2 finger technique to push back the s*** back to its place....

Lucky i can still tahan, but my sis havent come out... OMG!!! seriously shit man! Then, I level up and use 3 fingers technique. ZUUUP... There they go.. Holy shyte, I almost kennot make it man. But suddenly i remember... OHH, my house got TWO toilets!!!! Kanasai sia, slowly and seriously i go down the stair and reach for the toilet. This time, i already use four fingers instead of 3....

And so, I manage to reach the safety checkpoint for my life...
End of serious post.

Signing off
Serious Haris


Jenna said...


now i have to go wash my eyes and vomit simultaneously.

Stellix said...

very disgusting meh???
dont tell me u nv do it before...

dun bluff la, last time i saw u did it.