Thursday, March 27, 2008

12.30am in the morning.

Its 12.30am in the morning, and I havent sleep.
And im talking to Choi Mei, and suddenly... Just suddenly like that. I got a story inside my head. Inspiration, you know... insipi-lation.

Its about Harry Potter,
If its going to be written, its gonna be the prequel of Harry Potter (subang jaya version).

For those who dont know Harry Potter story, please do some research or download the movie(dont say i ask u download one ok... later i masuk lokap).

It happen when Harry Potter was 4 years old, can walk, can call "papa,mama" liao. Volvomot wan to kill Harry Potter punya parent because last time they owe him RM1, nv pay back. That night, after he yam cha with his geng at mamak near JS, off he go to James and Lily Terputar Potter (Harry de parents lah...) punya house.

But, kanasai.... Both of the parents not at home, seems like both of them go pak toh at sunway pyramid.... Walau, Volvomot damn hungry angry, he left the house and ask his geng come out yam cha 2nd round at murni. Next day, Volvomot got upset stomach, cause he ate too much (u think u haris meh??) So, he got to postpone the killing plan to next day.

Ok la, after upset stomach, next day he got dengue... Of course la, stay at "My place Apartment" so dirty, so many dengue mosquito there... Dai sei lei.. But kesian him also, after few days, at last he recover liao. Then with evil grin, he took out his wand...
Slowly he look at his wand.... and then said to himself
"Walaoeh!!! I know magic le.... forgot to cure myself with the wand, so damn 7 stupid"
Yah la, really damn stupid lo.
Without wasting much time, off he go to james and lily potter house. Because takut got stomach ache, he dont dare go yam cha liao.

Meanwhile, James and lily potter are enjoying each other their life. Got one baby liao, not enough, that night they wan to make another baby... Mana tau, suddenly the door open sendiri.... CRACK!!!!
Scared both of them to death, cepat cepat pakai seluar dalam, baju dalam... James one also layu d....

To be continue..

Signing off

You asked for i

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