Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Continuation of Inspiration Story part 2

Previously on the story,

"James and lily potter are enjoying each other their life. Got one baby liao, not enough, that night they wan to make another baby... Mana tau, suddenly the door open sendiri.... CRACK!!!!
Scared both of them to death, cepat cepat pakai seluar dalam, baju dalam... James one also layu d...."

They looked at the door there... Mana tau, its just a small kitty that ter-ate some expired dog food and banging it's head on the door made the loud crack. Scared them, James and Lily Potter then continue to do their "ahem" "ahem". Mana tau!!!!, suddenly the door open sendiri, its Volvomot Montecristo!!! Alas, James and Lily thought it was the little kitty still banging its head on the door, and continue their kerja-kerja penting on the bed and totally ignored Volvomot...

Volvomot was left speechless for a while, looking at the live action show. Then he said "ahem, excuse me", James and lily terkejut... OMG, but too late d, James its at his climax, he knew Volvomot was there but he still need to finish his job, then in the silent night he shouted "CHECKMATE!!!!" Wow, at last their chess game is finished.

Ok la, continue to the important event (after james and lily put back the chess set into the drawer and kick the stupid cat out of the house into the rubbish bin). Volvomot said in a loud voice with his hidden loudspeaker "I WQAWNET TRO GTEYT BUAICOK MPY RAMS1 FDAFSGTHER GZIXVCE MVE IFF NDOST I KQIELRL UHR SJOLN"

Everyone was like.... "Huh???"
Silent for a moment...
Then Volvomot said in a lower voice, "eh, paiseh, the loudspeaker rosak jor"
Cilaka, no wonder talk like sohai la. Even i as author also dont know what the cock u talking about.
And then, Volvomot take out his loudspeaker and said
"oi, i want back my RM1, if not i kill your son!!!"
Lily said,
"ooo, RM1 issit, nah give u back"
Volvomot take the RM1
"Thank you ar"
James said
"no worries, its me who owe u money what hehe... But u a bit sohai la, why u bang the door until like that, u think u small boy meh, deng. Eh, want to play dota kah?
Volvomot accept the dota invitation, that night, they set up their laptops and connect through LAN, downloaded GG-Client and play dota.

For those who are not familiar with DOTA, please skip this paragraph.
That night James Potter was unstoppable, he was Godlike!!!!! But Volvomote MonteCristo kena da bao by opponent from KS team. Then, the last game James Potter got Elazor, Keeper of Light and he go around da bao opponents, "Mooo moooo mmoooonster Killll!!!!" "Wicked Sick!" soon, "Goodlike!!" (Mahai, the opponent damn cha noob lo)

walau, he killed the opponent dont know how many times, play till shock shock, he tripped over the network cable, then the cable kena harry potter face, kena burn la that face. Now u know how harry potter got his lighting mark lah. Volvomot that night, lose until cannot lose liao, so now u know why he always want to bully harry potter la. With James and Lily potter, they actually nv die, they go for holiday to find a better place to play Chess.

Finish le, the end

Signing off


Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

Lame sia.

Balanar sucks~ Let him Godlike with Ezalor ma

Stellix said...

yah o, okok i go edit now

Fenson said...

da ge, this is a weird harry potter tory i have ever read..

Jenna said...

gosh....is there a word to describe something lamer than lame? the answer is :'Haris'

Stellix said...

deng, this called joke ok... where is ur humorous side??
humor and lame also cannot differentiate meh... deng

abunne said...


im so sad.. y my fren becom like tis.. tmn bersatu sommmore..

Stellix said...

Im very sad to have a friend like u, asshole

chiou huah said...

lame king, i can never find a person more lame than u le.....walau
You spelled my name wrongly!!!!