Saturday, May 17, 2008

Masterpiece.... [need help]

As some of u might knew about it, I planned to make a blog comic masterpiece with my friends. I told my friends bout the story and my idea. All of them laugh at the idea.... Then I said, "wei, serious la, come la, lets do it"
Then one of them say "ok ok ok"
Mana tau, that night all of them lepas kapal terbang, run away, dont want to do the masterpiece.

Even tough all of theirs balls kecut and run away, but i still want to continue my masterpiece. So, now i need your help. Its easy as 1 2 3

1. Get a towel
2. Wrap ur face with ur towel like a terrorist/ninja
3. Make some angry pose
4. Take pic of urself doing ur angry pose
5. Send ur pic to me

Each SMS cost $0.50, terms and conditions applied

Please send ur entry before this sunday, ok?

Thank you guys
i wont dissapoint u.

Signing off


Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...
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Stellix said...

no spoiler please

Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers!!

Abunene said...


Aerin a.k.a 杰 said...

pundeh abunene, main hilang, tiap tiap kali tak dapat cari

chiou huah said...

-.-" swt