Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bon Odori Johor 2008

Sorry guys, never update for so long. I've been busy with nintedo DS working life, fret not, I just resigned my previous job and looking for new job. Meanwhile, I'm sleeping actively looking for new job in Singapore, so, if you got any job opportunity please contact me asap. :)

First of all, I got nothing to update for the past 4 months, I've been working like there is no tomorrow :(. So if there is any update it will be like this

1st July 2008
Work, go back sleep

2nd July 2008
wake up, work, sleep

3rd July 2008
dreaming of more work, wake up, go for more work, come back and sleep

4th July 2008
Wake up early to work, find out its off day, sleep back and dream about more work

5th July 2008
Refuse to wake up to work, but still went for work

6th July 2008
You get the idea now? do I still need to continue??

Something like that.
Thank you guys for reminding me to update my blog. I am back, my first project will be covering the Bon Odori festival this coming saturday at Johor Bahru. So check it out yo!

Signing off

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