Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clarke Quay

Few months back, I stay at Singapore, working as so-called "Management Trainee". I work 6 days a week, and got a random day off a week. One random off day, I went to MRT station no where to go and suddenly saw this very interesting MRT station name "CLARKE QUAY". So I get off the station and found myself a heaven.

Once you reach Clarke Quay station, basically you are inside "The Central" shopping mall, full of Japanese shops. What makes me happy is that they have variety of Japanese restaurant "droll". And when you go out The Central, you found yourself by the Singapore River, and yes Singapore River is that small.

Me, myself do not like crowded place, I mean crowded its ok, but not too crowded. Clarke Quay is not crowded (almost desserted) during light time but kinda crowded during night time. What I want to say is, Clarke Quay is just the place I like.

Walking around this place makes me feel so peaceful, sometime I prefer to walk alone. Some people say, "you go there alone?" and give me those walau-this-guy-is-damn-patheatic face, and then I give him/her so-what-if-i-am-patheatic face and say "yes".

Clarke Quay even have this reverse bungee jump called "..." ok I forgot their name but trust me. It is scary. They even have this 3 big TV screen just near the jump start point to show your face sceaming like you have seen a gigantic crocoach eating ramen.

I should have take more picture during night time. But unfortunatly, I am using camera handphone. As the day getting darker, my camera getting useless.
Next I will be reviewing foods at Clarke Quay.

Signing Off

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