Friday, November 7, 2008

Jalan Jalan Makan Makan di Clarke Quay

I always like to try different food and dessert at new place, new restaurant. No matter what is the taste like (as long as its not too sucky), I will appreciate the food and finish it to the last micro proton fibre. But when it comes to reviewing in my blog, I will always, as in always tell the truth. When it is not nice, then I say not nice, if it is not nice, then I say not nice, If it is so-so I will say "ok lah, pass". Because I am always serious if it comes to food...

"serious face shot take from

When talking about food, it is best to start with the dessert. DO NOT start with appetizer. You know why?
Because . . .

Get it?
Ok good, now lets move on.

"Asabu Sabo"
Yup, first floor of The Central, you can actually find this Japanese dessert shop called Asabu Sabo. Both their Decoration and Service are top notch, dont mention their serving, once you finish one "kakigari" I bet you will either start to ask direction where to get to the nearest toilet or start looking for blanket.
"No kidding friends, it is really that big for one serving'

Each different type of Kakigori comes with "sauce" depends on which kakigori you ordered. For example, Chocolate Kakigori comes with chocolate sauce (my favourite), Mango Kakigori comes with mango sauce, Green Tea kakigori (one of my favourite) comes with .... you get the idea?

Go up one floor of the place, you will see this place called ... "I cant really remember the name of the restaurant" I just remmember the TenDon there is superb

"and it is only SGD6!! for lunch special"

On the same floor, look for WARAKU restaurant not to be mistaken by the same name of WARAKU PASTA at the same place (dont worry, in case you went to WARAKU PASTA, just go in, its nice I tried there myself)
By the way, go in Waraku the Casual Japanese restaurant and order the curry Udon.
Its so big, you can put your head, together with my head inside the bowl.

"No kidding, no photoshop here"
Full yet?
Don't worry it is too early to say full when you are with Stellix.
Go to the next tower inside The Central
Find TCC
sit down and order some coffe, digest some of your food while enjoy the nice environment there.
"I forgotten to take pic of the coffe"

Thats part ONE of the day guys. I will be back with more.

Signing Off

Quote of the Day
No one dare to play with AV industry in Japan, its like the real shit there. It is like Football in England, and nasi Ayam in Malaysia
By Kenny San


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