Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jalan Jalan Makan Makan di Clarke Quay 2

Previously on Jalan Jalan Makan Makan di Clarke Quay,

"Find TCC sit down and order some coffe, digest some of your food while enjoy the nice environment there."

Look for this longest "elevator you ever seen". Me and Jenna actually time how long does it takes to reach the bottom from the top. 42 secs to be exact....

"Longer than long bean"

After fooling around with the long bean elevator, find your way to "Pasta De Waraku"

"Paste de kangoru"

"Try the Half Half set"

"Matcha Float"

After Pasta De Waraku, look at the dessert again
and the desert
"cold sia..."

Okay after all the foods, go out for evening (omg its already night time) scenery.
Wokay, look for Liang Court around the area it is within walking distance. If you happen to the place where they sell Liang Cha, then you know you are in deep shit, because I never seen people sell Liang Cha before. The place its called Liang Court!

Okay, once you reach Liang Court, just go down stragith to basement 1. Look for this run down restaurant called "Okinawan Dinner Kirai Narai"
Ok, first of all do not freak out. The place really like that, looks like those really cheapo place, like those village people's meeting area, like those... I just dont know how describe how kalefe the place looks like.....

ONE more thing, place is so random... is even random than people in KSCB talking random stuff "ahem". CHECK THIS OUT
Damn RANDOM right??
"you can actually play with this thing"
"If you look close enough, their describtion in Japanese was like 2 to 3 lines long, and English translation = 4 words"

First thing to order is RAFTEI Noodle!
Next, check out the promotion for that day. Different day, different promotion. That day we got 30% of sashimi. W00t, sapu SALMON SASHIMI.
follow up by dessert SOMETHING SOMETHING with CREAM

Okok, to be honest, I hate to take picture before eating. Why? Because I need to stare at the food for 5 to 10sec and I CANT EAT IT!!!! and obviously I cant take the picture after I finish them. But for you guys, I sacrifice myself to wait before I can eat.

"First start with the Pork Belly Noodle aka The one who brings you to heaven"

One glance at it, it's just like tepi jalan mee babi. But actually, it's taste is like China's Emperor food. One bowl of noodle, 2 slice of pork belly and 2 slice of fish cake and spring onions... Just this is enough to make people goes "WOW" or "OMG" or "OOHHH" some people goes "...." speechless and if it is Hiro Nakamura he will go "YATTAA!!! I LOVE NEW YORK!"

No kidding, I always bring my friend to these place to eat. All of them said this pork noodle is nice. The secret is not the noodles it self, its the TWO patheatic slice of PORK BELLY. One of my friend finish the pork slice in 2 second. One of my friend who don't like to eat pork belly actually finish it to the last fibre.

First bite of the pork, your soul will leave your body and ascend to heaven for 2 seconds and then goes back to your body as a happy man/woman. Then continue eating :D


"SOKI KARAGE aka The one that melts in your mouth"

Soki Karage is basically deep fried pork with soft bones. Bite it, it will melt in your mouth. SERIOUSLY, ask the Prime Minister if you don't trust me. Ops, sorry, this one tidak halal. Okok, no joke man.

"Salmon sashimi aka ikan mentah"

Wokay, I am not so much of sashimi fan, but this sashimi is just fresh. Its like egg tart fresh from oven if you get what i mean. I actually like this sashimi very much.

"Dessert of the day aka SOMETHING SOMETHING with CREAM"

Long story short, I forgot the name of the dessert, but it actually not too sweet. Just nice. Ahhhh. TWO WORD

More pics!

Hungry yet? :D

Signing off


Jenna said...

haha..thanks for the wonderful food day. I never so many food in my stomach my whole life in 8 hours.


Jenna said...

and it's brown sugar crepe

Stellix said...

haha, next time come along with kenny
we go again... this time we find indian food

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