Friday, February 20, 2009


Today I'm going to introduce you guys one of the besto, biggest, expensive, and botakest burger.
You got to drive to
and then, check out the small burger stall there. Look for a botak guy (sometimes not him), if he is the one who's cooking, then you are damn lucky because he is the shi fu for the stall. Most of the time, his konco konco who cook for him, because he is the MASTER.
I got really lucky because that day the MASTER himself was there. Heck, he even know how to speak tamil fluently (really no kidding).

"Encik Botak"

Normally, when you go to burger stall, you order "burger ayam single/double/special with/out cheese" but when you come here, you must order "MASTER BURGER". yeah, you not Slave, but MASTER BURGER (say it with "umph")

"Knn, damn expensive. RM6.70 wei, u can eat three plates of cheap chap fan with that price"

I ordered MASTER BURGER, of course. Its damn big, almost can't finish it (im just kidding, u think i really cant finish it??)

"Double B cup burger. B for Botak"

Signing off

Tribute to botak alvin
visit his blog here