Friday, February 20, 2009

Penang Trip, Journey for Food

Last month, went to Penang with friends. Long story cut short, first stop is always "CENDOL"

"Uncle, Aunty, Pak Cik, Mak Cik, Ah beng, Ah lian, Lala, Shi ham"

All kind of people....
"Asalamualaikum , cendol satu"

"Fast fast find parking, I want to eat cendolllll"

"Vanakam, cendol dua"

"4 of us, so 4 bowl.. duh (I order extra bowl later)"

After that, got to eat that Asam Laksa, located just beside the cendol stall.

"Look for this aunty"

"4 of us, so 4 set..... duh"

Of course, we eat more than that LOL

"same place. taste ok-ok"
"Prawn Mee..This bugger order damn a lot, in the end, we have to struggle to eat his portion"

After eat do what???
Sleep lah!!!!

"Way back to hotel, looking at birds"


"In front of Cathay Hotel, not to be mistaken with Cathay Cinema"

"4 of us, 2 bed.... sounds gay"
"He dont want to gay with us"
"I miss my cendol already"

5 seconds later....

Three hours later, we woke up...
All damn hungry already....
I started to look for food....

"Hello, anybody home"

Urgh, no food :(
To be continue

Signing off
Cendol Man

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