Saturday, February 21, 2009

Penang Trip, Journey for Food (Two)

After few good hours of good sleep in Cathay cinema... We continue with this picture

"Guess what is this"

Answer, I got no idea. I'm still thinking why this photo is here..... (I blame our lousy camera man, Sathia for this)
Btw, we went to Pantai Bersih for seafood. Thanks to Kelly for bringing us F4.

"Crab with salty egg yolk"

"Ikan bakar, Lala, and one more... not important... damn hungry. MAKAN SAJA"

"Seafood reminds me of my shi fu"

After a nice big seafood meal... We went to Queensbay beach, beside Queensbay mall.
First thing to do after we get off the car...

"Eat Sate Ikan"
Man, this guy is cool, really... I tell u why
It wrote there. 1 stick for 20 cent. I wanted to try, but I was damn full (really full). So I said, I wanted to try 1 stick, and pass him 20 cent.
Then he said, "no need, I give u for free, test, if nice then u buy"
Damn confidence with his product, I like this guy.
But his satay ikan really nice!!
If you happen to go there, please support him. I bought 5 sticks, if I still can eat. Confirm buy 30 sticks from this guy.

After Sate Ikan, we decided to...
"Makan Again!!!!"

That guy is selling kite, Kenny (25, Single and Available) bought a kite from him... We call the kite, "3 in 1" (I tell you why later) Then off we go four sohai, flying kite... AT MIDNIGHT!!!

"Kenny (25 single and available)"

"Chee Meng (25, Hamsap and In relationship)"Haris (23, Single but not available)"

And last of us is Sathiya, (25 single and available), he is the lousy camera man... Holding the camera, so no pic of you mate... so sorry

Btw, there is this guy flying a super mini kite... DAMN CUTE!!

Hahaha, no photoshop, that kite looks like far away, but no. both kite are just side by side.
Ok, to flying kite story. Kenny is damn good flying kite, seriously (why am I keep promoting him?).
He can really fly the kite, damn shiok sumore. Then I damn boh shuang, wan to show skill.... He pass the kite to me, and errr, something happen, you know, if I were to use physics to explain, the kite's angle and the wind direction kinda mismatch each other and the kite flew down the sea......

"Sayonara, sayonara, moga berjumpa lagi..."

We tried to save the poor kite, really... We pull the kite, then beside us got this abang, fishing. He look damn boh shuang, because we were making so much noise (my friends keep calling me sohai). Then he pack his stuff and go back with black face, pity him, I think we scare his fishes :( but we cant help it, damn it I laugh so much that night. err, midnight.
"Kiri, kiri, kiri kanan kiri..."

After much pulling and scrolling back the thread, we finally made it!!! "3in1" is back!
We tried to fly him again.... But seems like he lost his will to fly..
Feels like singing "Flying High Again - Ozzy Osbourne"

"Dont want to close my eyeeesssss... Armagedon"

We found out that 3in1-kun cant fly anymore... I tried to run, but 3in1-kun prefer to run instead of fly >,<
Ok, the kite ended up like biawak darat...
Check this out
"Biawak Darat"

Now you know why we call him "3in1"? He can fly, he can swim and he can run... 3 in 1 , just like nescafe.

To be continue...

Signing Off

*I really miss cendol


Jenna said...


Kenny said...

Haris ur kite playing skill really the best wei, we experienced the revolution from a bird to a fish then biawak darat. Incredible, I've been watching national geography for 6 years also cannot learn that.

Stellix said...

Ahem, im opening. how to fly a kite, how to swim with kite and how to walk the kite classes soon...