Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ladies and Stano from Germany

It's really hard to understand woman....

They ask me to bring them to eat, but scold me afterward for making them fat.

Dont believe??? This is proof

"i hate hunger, because it makes me eat and that makes me fat.

but i also love hunger, because its a reason to eat and try nice good food.

i think i just did the female population a good deed, cos this is prolly what 90% of them thinks."

Quote by Kee Pong Cheng

Congrats to you getting a new partner! (should have done this long time ago, but only got the time to do it now) At last, no more "Haris-why-i-am-single-rant" from you. I want biggest hong bao from you when two of you get married ok?

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Chocolatomate! (chotomate) ... not so fast. more update la of course.

Last week I meet up with my online friend, his name is Stan, I call him Stano, cause he call me Limo... Take that! Ok, so what happen is, this Stano is from JB and he study in Germany, he graduated and come back Malaysia for holiday. We kinda ngam each other because both of us wear specs... haha... not funny. Ok, serious. It is because both of us are fan of Hajime no Ippo.

So, after reschedulling his timetable (he is busier than Pak Lah), we finally get to meet each other. We book a hotel, and sleep on the same bed, and then ngek ngek ngek ngek.... (I know this is what you guys want to hear and laugh about it, go ahead). Well of course the last sentence is just total nonsense, but yeah what happen is we went for a nice lunch with some "ahem" glancing "ahem" at the leng lui there. (Stano, I hope your gf is not lurking here).

After that we went to Biji Benih Kopi, Stano brought along his camera and damn I forgot to take his pic. But he took my pic, of me cleaning my coffee (kan ciong talking about Hajime No Ippo, too many animation going on)

"Sorry Coffebean for this and that straw >,<"

I think we chat for almost 2 hour there... Mostly Hajime No Ippo topic (now you know how good Hajime no Ippo is! Go read! its at
After that, we found out that its too early, so I suggest we go eat cendol...
Yes ladies and woman, "Cendol"

Inside shopping mall, we found this Malay restaurant. we ordered 2 bowl of cendol, and gues what the taste is DAMNNN FANTAST...... ok la, so so only. Of course, we order some kueh mueh.
"Roti Jala, Onde onde, and that big ball kueh"

When the food come, I can see his evil grin on his face, I know this joker Stano want to do something... I knew it...

"This is mine"
"He decided, the ahem not enough "bulu" and add extra bulu to it"
"Lop-side is for Stano"


He is leaving to Germany 2am later, have safe flight Stano... Well, by the time you read this post, it will be "welcome to germany"
Nice to meet you.
Damn, I hope I dont see him soon. I almost tear my stomach that day, laugh too much....

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wen pink said...

im so jealous of u stella, u got to meet Stan!! !!!! !!!!!

wen pink said...

im so jealous of u stella, u got to meet Stan!! !!!! !!!!!

Stellix said...

haha, yay, i got myself a hater now

Stan said...

Hahahhahaha....nice post!! That day was sure damm chun lah, i also laughed until almost wanna lao sai. Only neva tell u only...hahahahahahaha

The meet-up was fun, sorry for the gayness towards the end. Next time we plan a bigger one!

*3 thumbs up!!* XD