Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Ice Cream holder

The sun is burning at 5 778 K, kanasai, so hot that your pee vaporize before they reach toilet bowl.

For this month's electric bill sake, I try not to use the air con too much. Hot macam babi panggang, I walk around the house like a mad guy. Then, suddenly, I can feel the aura.... Cooling aura from sis's room.. It's the air con aura! damn, I already told her not to on the air con too much.
So I asked her to open the door, she ask me why. I said, I need to get my hair gel inside (she got one big mirror inside and I always use the mirror for make up purposes), but this time of course I lied :)
She open the door, I rush in and throw myself on top of her bed.... ahhhhh, air con.... damn nice :)
My sis fingernails grow like cybertooth in X-men series, she tried to scractch me, but I dodge like James Bond dodging bullets (yah, now only u know its impossible to dodge a bullet). Then I told her, let me sleep for a while, let me chill a bit.
I dont understand girls, especially my sis, she wont let me sleep on her bed for some Idk what reason. She tried to wrestle me, I give her a smack down and lying shadow kick, after struggling to push me out of the bed, she give up (yah try pushing a 80kg block).
I thought she just gonna walk out that door and let me chill in the air con-ned room. But she did something that leave me so speechless and LOL damn hard.
She off the air con (but the cool air is still there of course), she on her hair dryer and blow the hot air to me ............

"This pic also make me damn speechless, which smart ass guy did this"

Signing Off


Clarisse Teagen said...

Hahahahaha. seriously!! Your sister did that?
OMG. hahaha. :P

J'z said...

do pee on the ice cream =D

wen pink said...

The one who plays maplestory? :P

Stellix said...

yah lol

Vicky 刘宁 said...

i love ur sister >.<