Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When you are damn bored

Long long time ago, in a galaxy quite near to Selangor. Few people got bored after yum cha session, so they decided to play around with money....
Not that they are rich and can throw money around, but they decided to pretend to be someone printed on the notes...
First Mr. Mao Tze Dong trying to be Indonesian. Rupiah 50,000

"Got to love his face"

Mr. Yang love his country more than any other country, so he took out Rm10

"Sultan Yang"

Then Mr. Haris wanted to become a millionaire Sultan from Brunei
"Photographer and Cash holder cant stop laughing" (not pro)

"Damn it best face expression, blur photo"

"Perfect take!"

Camera Man : Kenny
Cash Holder : Jenna , Haris
Model : Mao Tze Dong, Mr.Yang
Inspired by a random email

Signing off


Jenna said...


Emeryn aka Petssionate said...

interestign and creative. =)

J'z said...

try the lower part next time lol

clarisseteagen said...

hahahahha. i was lauhing :P hahah

Franch said...

LOL damn cock!

Stellix said...

LOL, ok will try lower part next time


nice and creative.. :) plz follow my blog :)

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